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Meddling Transfer Protocol

I recently picked up a 4GB Sony Walkman (NWZS616F) Mp3 player to replace an iPod that had died. It met a few key criteria that lead me to believe it was a good fit:

1. FM tuner – This was the feature I wanted that I couldn’t get natively on an iPod.
2. AAC (iTunes) support – I have a good deal of (unprotected) music in iTunes that I didn’t want to transcode to MP3.
3. Consistently high review marks and a clean interface.
4. Drag and drop support – Or so I thought…

Enter MTP, the Media (Meddling) Transfer Protocol.

Instead of assigning the player a drive letter as expected, it displayed it as what is described as a “device.” Regardless, it still appeared as if I was able to use Windows Explorer to manage my files.

I dropped a few mp3s in the music folder which went without a hitch. I tried doing the same with both an m4a and aac file and was presented with the following dialog (paraphrased):

This device does not support the file type you are transferring. Would you like to:
A. Skip this file?
B. Cancel?

Two abort options… cute.

Come to find out that I had to upgrade to Windows Media Player 11.

Once I updated to WMP11 I no longer had my “device” in Windows Explorer. I checked the device manager and it now had a driver conflict. Awesome.

Of course there aren’t drivers that can be downloaded. WMP is supposed to provide the drivers. After Googling for a while I found a seemingly unrelated Microsoft KB patch which gave me my device back.

Now I could drag and drop m4a files on the device. They wouldn’t play in WMP, but at least they were transferrable. I had to download two other third party plugins for WMP to enable playback.

I still can’t transfer these files using the WMP interface.

Moral of the story: Keep everything in MP3.


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