Im on ur desk… showin u lolcats

I’ve always been a fan of desk crap. Anything that adds a little zing to the day and doesn’t piss of the employer makes for a nice deviation from angry customers. Enter the lolcat:

I decided that I wanted to get a digital frame and stuff it full of lolcats. They’ve come down considerably in price so I blew $60 on one at Wal-Mart:

It may be a little too small/cheap for your tastes, but I’ll leave that to you. What’s important is the 4:3 ratio which matches the lolcat pics. You can purchase the widescreen frames, but they’re either going to skew the image or add black bars on the side. So what do you do?

1. Perform a full site rip of I Can Has Cheezburger. (Won’t someone please think of the bandwidth?)
2. Sort the 2000+ pictures, removing the vertically oriented ones.
3. Scan through each of them for violent/sexual/drug related content.
4. Resize them.

Or you could just download my beefy zip file with 1500 images and this all done for you. I’ve got them in two flavors – The original size and 320×234, which is what my little frame uses.

As a side note, I have no interest in angering or depriving revenue of the owner of I Can Has Cheezburger. This is just a pointless little project done for personal use.


Meddling Transfer Protocol

I recently picked up a 4GB Sony Walkman (NWZS616F) Mp3 player to replace an iPod that had died. It met a few key criteria that lead me to believe it was a good fit:

1. FM tuner – This was the feature I wanted that I couldn’t get natively on an iPod.
2. AAC (iTunes) support – I have a good deal of (unprotected) music in iTunes that I didn’t want to transcode to MP3.
3. Consistently high review marks and a clean interface.
4. Drag and drop support – Or so I thought…

Enter MTP, the Media (Meddling) Transfer Protocol.

Instead of assigning the player a drive letter as expected, it displayed it as what is described as a “device.” Regardless, it still appeared as if I was able to use Windows Explorer to manage my files.

I dropped a few mp3s in the music folder which went without a hitch. I tried doing the same with both an m4a and aac file and was presented with the following dialog (paraphrased):

This device does not support the file type you are transferring. Would you like to:
A. Skip this file?
B. Cancel?

Two abort options… cute.

Come to find out that I had to upgrade to Windows Media Player 11.

Once I updated to WMP11 I no longer had my “device” in Windows Explorer. I checked the device manager and it now had a driver conflict. Awesome.

Of course there aren’t drivers that can be downloaded. WMP is supposed to provide the drivers. After Googling for a while I found a seemingly unrelated Microsoft KB patch which gave me my device back.

Now I could drag and drop m4a files on the device. They wouldn’t play in WMP, but at least they were transferrable. I had to download two other third party plugins for WMP to enable playback.

I still can’t transfer these files using the WMP interface.

Moral of the story: Keep everything in MP3.

Ask him if he stole his car.

How To Address A Visit from MPAA Senior VP Rich Taylor?

Ask him if he stole his car. (Score:5, Funny)
by kramer (19951) on Monday August 27, @07:11PM (#20377777)

Interrupt the beginning of the speech. Ask him if he stole his car. When he says no, ignore him and launch into a 5 minute prepared speech about how stealing cars is wrong, and the effects of stolen cars on everyone. Tell him how bad he is for stealing his car, and how he’ll be punished when he gets caught. Most importantly, do not let him interrupt you or skip any portion of your speech. When you’re finished, ask him how he appreciates being treated to a lecture about being a thief during time that is supposed to be his.

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